Lights are out.

Birds are singing outside.

Babies are breathing deeply from their rooms.


It could be said that I am the worst example of stillness. My ability to rest is greatly diminished from the moment that my alarm goes off each morning at 5:45. I’m awake. I’m on fire. I am off to the races. I have a hard time grasping the quiet moments of the early morning, or the warm afternoon lull. I rarely nap, and I’m not very good at taking time to just breathe.

This morning however, I was hit with this great moment of Deja vu. I was maybe 7 or 8. It was May, I believe it was my birthday. It was warm and sunny and the birds were alive. They were singing just like they are right now. We lived in a farm house, and my sister and I had an oasis of a room. Beautiful lavender walls, lace curtains. We had these awesome dormer windows, and I remember at one point we made a makeshift window seat. It felt like a very majestic place at the time. When you opened the window, the wind would pick up the lace curtains and blow them around, and when you sat in that window seat, it was like being kissed by heaven. I felt like Sarah Plain and Tall that day. I remember it clearly. The sun was making warm spots on the wood floors, and there I sat with my cup of tea, enjoying the loveliness of turning a year older. I remember that day being a restful day. My little dreamer heart was perfectly at peace with sitting in the window, watching the combine or plow or whatever it as make its way across the field. It was all I needed.

Today, I’m choosing stillness. Today, I’m choosing the rest. It’s a hard balance in the life of a shop owner. But. Ready or not, here I go.


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