I am a woman who adores my kitchen. I love to cook. I love what it feels like to create something that is delicious and nutritious feeds the souls of those that I love. There is something beautiful about knowing that people are not only enjoying a divine meal, but also enjoying it in an atmosphere that is lovely and inviting and full of love and joy.

Today, I had that immense pleasure of co-hosting a baby brunch with my roommate. Our dear friend, Jamie, is due to have baby Nora in about 6 weeks. And When we decided to throw a little soiree, we wanted to go above and beyond your normal shower. I am very anti-games. I don’t like them. I don’t play them. I feel no need for weird ice breakers that help me know where every attendee was born.  Rather, I enjoy being able to spend time with the people that I love, showering them with love and affection and gifts from the heart.

Instead of the usual shower festivities, we decided to throw a beautiful, three course brunch. A brunch full of our favorite foods. A well composed dance of well timed, well placed dishes. Each perfectly proportioned, each perfectly served. Yogurt parfaits with raspberries and homemade granola. Cumin Hash browns with cilantro lime sauce, brioche french toast with blueberry & grapefruit compote, and chocolate mousse with whipped cream. It was divine. It was beautiful.

I enjoy the simplicity of throwing a party for one {or in this case, two} humans and letting them know that they are loved. More than loved, thought of. The people in your life should feel thought of.There should be moments in your life, when you remember being thought of. When you remember being the center of attention, the center of life. There should be days when it is absolutely undeniable that you were thought of. So, if you haven’t shown someone how you love them, then do it. Reach out, be the kind of person who thinks of people. Be the change you want to see..


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