I have never liked lists. Lists are for the weak. Lists are for the people who can’t get their lives together and get things done. I have balked against “the list” for many years. Until I started the job I am currently at. Some days, I work 8 hours, sometimes I work 14. Some weeks, I work 25 hours and some I work 55. Sometimes the girls nap for long stretches at the exact same time {enabling me to get things done}, and sometimes they tag team it for the entire 3 or 4 hours that is nap time. Some weeks, I have to cook dinner, do laundry, go on an outing, and give baths all in the same day, and sometimes I only perform one of those tasks each day. My job is highly unpredictable.

And then I come home, to a mountain of paper work on my desk, and a dozen orders that are 3 days late going out, and a pile of new inventory that has been hiding in the corner for weeks. I come home to my true passion. My one and only. The thing I give my heart to.

Business is my passion. Nannying pays the bills. It is hard to balance my two careers and still feel like  a sane woman at the end of the week. But slowly and surely, I am figuring it out. And lists have saved my life.

This weekend is a perfect example of how I’ve been able to maintain sanity through list making and careful planning. I have a four day weekend starting today. I have a baby shower to host on Saturday morning and a babysitting gig on Saturday evening. I also contracted a cold from my tiny humans. So, win for me!

This morning, after a long and tiresome regiment of natural remedies and essential oils, I sat down to ponder my list. The things that I want and need to get done over the next four days. Every little thing that I need to accomplish is on that list. From the mending that’s been sitting on my kitchen table for a week, to the supplies I need to pick up from the craft store, to the things I need to make ahead of time for the baby shower. I don’t have any order or system to conquering that list, but since I have a good bit of time, I would much rather work on each task as the time and motivation presents itself.

Lists have saved my life in this current season. When time is short, and days are far longer than they should ever be allowed to be. There isn’t much to it, you just have to jump all in and apply yourself. Allow self motivation to be your guide. And don’t let life and the things you have to accomplish overwhelm you.


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