If you’ve not yet seen the work of Hannah Durham over at Portraitgram, then you are seriously missing out. I’ve only known her a short while, but in the year or so since I met her, she has proven to be someone that I would love to keep in my life for forever!

Hannah is an incredibly artist. Her works speaks for itself, but when you start to talk to her about her work, you fall even more in love. About two months ago, I threw out the idea of redesigning my business cards and within a week, she had completed the work that I asked for. She had also taken it upon herself to think ahead and to prepare some sample work for an event that I will be participating in later this year. She truly thought of everything. Knowing nothing about graphic design, I would suggest something that she immediately brought my thought to life. She hand painted and hand lettered my business cards. She was able to create everything that I mentioned and she did it quickly! She offered me multiple samples. She communicated clearly. She was a breathe of fresh air to someone who is literally inept in this area.

Her passion for true artistry shines through in everything that she puts her hands to. Her drive and her work ethic are impeccable. She doesn’t cut corners, even though she could and would make a lot more money, a lot faster. She doesn’t shy away from editing and re-editing when her customers are as picky as I am. She believes in integrity. Something that is hard to find in a world of editing programs and cheap fonts. Hannah is truly what I consider an artist!

You can check out the work that she did for me, over at Vintage Pod. Or you can head over to my Facebook page to see business cards, logos, & sneak peeks! You can also see all of my shout outs over on my Instagram! If you don’t believe that she is an absolute doll, check out the beautiful handmade card that she sent me for Valentines Day!


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