{Put a Pin in it}

My heart is wild for adventure. I love new places. Nothing quite compares to the thrill of going to a city you’ve never been to, exploring the ins and outs of it. Yesterday, I met a good friend in the bizarre and tiny town of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Never been there. Yelp was of no help. In my experience, Sundays are typically bad days to explore small Carolina towns because they are almost always 90% closed. Something I respect and detest all in the same breath. But, at the same time, there is something incredibly beautiful about seeing a town when it is empty; When it’s virtually asleep.

Fayetteville is a quaint town. Full of antique shops and local art, there are some incredible restaurants {Circa 1800 for brunch & Pierro’s Italian Bistro for amazing Pizza}, a kickin’ wine bar, and a half cool, half creepy art gallery. It also boasts a pretty decent used book store, with an eccentric woman and a good selection of Civil War lit. We spent 7 hours wandering the streets, popping in and out of whatever was open. Seven hours asking questions, peeking in windows, and enjoying the ability to get a little lost in a new place. It was a brilliant day. A day full of observing. A day full of seeking out the unknown.

So often, we stay in our comfort zone. We don’t dare approach the hard topics or the things that will make us squirm. We don’t try something we know nothing about. We shy away from the sticky situations. This year, in my search for both adventure and relationships, I am quite dedicated to diving into the sticky. I’m coming around to the idea that sometimes I have to go somewhere I’ve never been before because it may actually lead me somewhere I’ve always needed to be. Each town, each state, each country I visit holds part of me that I’ve never known before. And it’s intimidating. Admitting my ignorance isn’t always my favorite part of a journey. But it is essential to growth. It is essential to finding out the things I don’t know.

So, go. Adventure. Admit your ignorance and dive into a place or a person or an experience. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. For bravery is not achieved unless you reach out and grab it. It isn’t innate. It isn’t something that happens overnight. It happens when you jump into it.


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