To explore my love of {travel} is to open up so many chapters of my life, that I cannot even recount them. Every little girl dreams of wild adventures in foreign lands. Every teenager of daring trips to Europe with the best of gal pals. And every woman of the escape from mundane things, for a quiet walk by the River Sine, or through the Boboli Gardens. As we grow older, our ideas of travel change. But the longing to see new worlds, that remains constant.

Two days ago, I wrote of my goal to travel to two new International countries each year. And this year it truly begins. Two summers ago, my Mother and I took a tour of Italy. Ah, beautiful Italy…It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It was beautiful and fresh. It was the most enchanting experience of my life. For those 11 days, I was a different woman. A better woman. I was fully in love with my life and with the beauty around me. It was a quiet trip for me. My first time in Europe. My first time seeing something truly ancient. I spent most of my time in complete silence. I was in shock. Literal, silencing shock.

This summer, I am preparing myself to experience that shock yet again, but this time in France. In Paris of all places. And then again in Rome. The tale of the Trevi Fountain is that if you throw a coin into it, that you will always return to Rome. My mother and I, gelato in hand, eyes tightly closed, tossed a coin into that fountain. Wishing. Hoping. Praying. That it would come true. That the luck of the fountain would grant us another peek into the ancient city of Rome. And here I go.

This lovely rant about absolutely nothing has actually stemmed from the painting pictured in this post. The beautiful watercolor that now hangs in my bedroom. It was a birthday gift from my dear friend, Laura who is obviously a talented artist. A few weeks ago, while gazing at this lovely piece of art, I had the most brilliant of ideas! For every country that I visit, I have commissioned Laura to paint a new watercolor of that country. And hopefully, at the end of my life, I will have a beautiful gallery with every country on the planet represented! Brilliant isn’t it?!

Laura is not on Etsy, but I can hook you up with her if you are at all interested in having work commissioned! She is brilliant, and just the sweetest! So, there you have it!


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