Owning a business is pretty much asking for the world to come and smack you upside the face with the most bizarre and outrageous circumstances. You have to file about a million kinds of taxes, you have to handle people. Lots of people. You have emails that come in at all hours of the night, dingin’ and chimin’ and chachinging. {okay, I admit, I like the chaching} But running my own store is essentially the same as asking someone to run me over with a truck, peel me off the road, and do it all over again. Every day. There isn’t really such a thing as a weekend. I cannot for the love of all that is holy, figure out how to mail packages from an apartment that I’m never at, or with two kids attached at my hips, or when the Post Office closes at 5 and I get off work at 5:15. Owning a business is hard work.

But more than the hard work. It is a reward. Because at the end of my day, my very long, hard, monotonous day of making bottles, and wiping runny noses, and running to story time, and making dinner, and keeping on top of not one but two households, I get to come home to something that is all mine. Something that I’ve built with my own hands. Something that I’ve put all of my literal blood, sweat, and tears into. I mean seriously, I could start documenting ever bruise I get when my pallet wall decides to fall on me. Every time I am digging through a pile of junk and get a cut from something that was probably rusty metal and will probably give me tetanus. I would inform you of every time I have an emotional meltdown. Or every time I have to do something outrageous. Because there are a lot of outrageous things. But, they are my outrageous things. Today I am pep talking myself. Because I really want to give up sometimes. I really want to walk away. But then I remember that I would be walking away from something that is only four years old. And four year olds are obnoxious.  They can’t be trusted. They need a lot of TLC. But in the end. They pay off. Because they are amazing!

So tonight, I’m giving myself a toast. A toast to not giving up. To pushing on. To building what I hope will one day become an empire, no matter how small it looks now. So, Cheers my darlings!


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