February always brings me a new found comfort in the idea that life truly can start anew. January is overloaded with holiday recovery and prepping for the new year, but February is usually when my sense of newness arrives. I often try to find one weekend where I can block off large amounts of time and come up with a plan. A business plan. A life plan. A relational plan. A plan for how I want to live life in the new year. I wanted to take just a moment to share with you some of the goals I have for 2015. Maybe it will inspire you, but maybe it will also inspire me. I would love to hear your feedback or thoughts. We grow together as humans. We are inspired and prompted to grow by each other. And while I have solid ideas for my life, I always welcome feedback! So, here goes…


.find an inner peace that resonates from the deepest parts of my being.

.expand my knowledge and use of essential oils.

.begin and maintain ballet class as a student.

.make two international trips a year, with at least one being missions or humanitarian related.


.become financially independent by the end of 2015.

.investigate and invest financially.

.hit 5000 sales by 2016.

.find a group of women who are interested in business and begin forming relationships.


.become relational (ha!).’

.invest time, energy, & emotion in at least one person a week.

.begin finding people who need to be loved and love them.

.explore the possibility of being vulnerable.

These are just a few things I would like to accomplish. It is not by any means a complete list. But these are the things that are on my heart the most. The three areas that I want to grow in the most. These are the places where my heart has to come alive if I truly want to be the best version of myself!


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