The passing of time.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 2 months since I’ve blogged. But it was a good hiatus in which I was able to focus on dreaming and pinning down exactly where I am and what I want to be doing. If you’ve ever met me, you know that I’m a dreamer. I get a thought or an idea and I run with it until I can’t run anymore. Sometimes I then pass the idea off to so done more capable of accomplishing the beautiful dream I had.  Sometimes I stick it on a shelf to explore at a later date.  And sometimes I toss it in the garbage and hope to never relive it again. The past few months, I’ve thrown a lot in the garbage. It’s a feeling I’m so familiar with from my days in highschool writing class. One sentence. Good. Two sentences. Better turn this around fast, it’s getting squirrelly. Three sentences. Well, it’s garbage. Four sentences. Crumble it up and toss it over your shoulder hoping to make a slam dunk in the trash can. Only, I can’t throw for anything. So I am normally found in a sea of metaphorical paper because I also always used a computer. But you get the point.

There has been a lot of good things in recent months as well. I have hit some huge milestones. I’ve had some incredible opportunities and experiences. And I’m quite sure that it is just the beginning. But, I had to sort  through a lot junk to get to the beautiful gems which have comprised some of my proudest moments in this period of my life. Most importantly though. I have learned to hash things out with people who not only know what they are doing, but who also believe in me and I what I am doing. I’ve learned to trust the people who push me to be greater. I’ve learned that when someone believes in you, it’s rarely without proof that they should believe in you. I am my worst critic. Always. But I am beginning to surround myself with people who trust my gut, people who Believe in my greatness. It’s a wonderful thing. Knowing that I don’t have to believe in my own strength. Find people who believe in you. It’s always worth it.


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