The challenge.

There is a very real challenge in my life right now. The challenge to unplug. Of course, I’m writing on a blog about how I need to unplug. Ironic. I know. But I’m hoping that maybe someone will also be provoked to dive into the challenge instead of feeling the immensity of it and saying it’s too hard. I’m hope that maybe someone who runs an online business will read this and will know how I can do both. Run an online store and unplug at the same time.

Running an Etsy store, or three means that my presence is demanded on social media. It’s that or I don’t make sales. The equation is simple. Listings + social media = sales. I don’t have a lot of options. But I’m increasingly finding myself frustrated with my inability to lay down my phone, my tablet, to shut my laptop. Someone comments on a photo, I’m obliged to respond. Someone asks a question, my business depends in a swift answer. Someone needs a new price or a shipping quote. Hello internet. The dings, the cha-chings, the whistles. The notifications are driving me batty. Because instead of being able to focus on whatever is in front of me, I’m constantly distracted by the fact that I am a media goddess.

Some would say, you chose this. You picked this. You jumped into this. Change your career. Change yourself. Don’t be so involved. They are all easy things to do. But at the same time. There is a price to pay for following your dreams. For doing what makes your heart come alive and for what makes your heart race and your soul sing.

So. While my greatest desire is to chuck my phone into the ocean and become an old woman on a farm in the Midwest. I will continue to be a media goddess. I will continue to do what is good and best for my company. But I will also strive to be better at unplugging in the midst of life. Because people deserve my attention. My journal deserves my attention. My heart. Boy does my heart deserve some attention. So here goes. Unplugging.


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