My Summer by the Sea.


I’ve always imagined that I would spend a summer at the sea. That I would be swept away by my mother or grandmother. That I would be desperately in love with a boy I met on the beach and we would spend our evenings fighting to get out of family obligations in order to wander along the beach until sunrise. I imagined that I would wear big brimmed hats and long, flowing skirts. I imagined I would take in a long deep breath, and life would instantaneously look so much simpler. I imagined that I wouldn’t have a care in the world. I kind of imagined that it would be a summer in black and white.

And here I am. Spending the current days of my life by the sea. Spending my life having breakfast at the beach, going for long walks when the weather is glorious, and overall, enjoying the most beautiful season of my life.

Moving to North Carolina has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I have been diving into business and enjoying the beauty of this new city. I have been trying to adventure out as often as possible, while still working like a fiend in this totally new place. Things have been so fun with my new roommate and I’m excited to see where we go in this next season. For now, I am so happy to just be spending my summer at the sea. My summer in my own little paradise!

I recently curated an adorable treasury that reminds me of all of the beautiful things that I love about summer! Check it out!


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