Gluten Free Spaghetti Options.



I’m a firm believer that spaghetti is made by the sauce that covers is. I actually don’t think I even like Pasta all that much. But I am crazy about a good sauce. Anja and I have been in Wilmington for exactly one farmers market and we have already found what is one of my favorite summer dishes! We found this amazing vendor that makes bread and homemade pasta and homemade sauce and we are hooked! We Bought fresh pasta which was all well and good. But the sauce that this man makes won us over! The company is called La Gemma and is found on 17th Street in Wilmington. The sauce has four ingredients. Tomatoes. Onion. Butter. Salt. That’s it! It was glorious!

Anyway! We are both going gluten free right now and as a result we are having to find some creative options which I think are great! We paired this sauce with Zucchini and Yellow Squash which I sauted in a little coconut oil, with salt & pepper. I like it a tiny crunchy, but not too much. Once that was done, we poured the warm sauce over it, added some shaved parm, and a handful of toasted pine nuts! That’s it! So delicious! Find your favorite Organic sauce, something with just a few ingredients that you can love and dive into without feeling like you are eating a tomato or that there are a ton of extra ingredients. And then go crazy! Embrace the beauty of a simple dish! Embrace the beauty of a bountiful summer!!


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