Wilmington Fashion Weekend.


I have been blessed with the most gorgeous and talented and wonderful roommate! The kind of roommate who moved in two weeks early in order to accompany me to Wilmington Fashion Weekend! She got dressed up and hit the town with me four days in a row in order to see how the fashion world of Wilmington, North Carolina really works. I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with how well WFW was done! It was one of the most professional events I’ve ever attended, and it was beautifully planned. Tj Dunn of Tj Dunn Style Consulting did an amazing job as the creator and founder of this event. It was a great opportunity to see the emerging designers of Wilmington, and to meet some of the most influential fashion faces in our new town.

To be inspired by such great people is an honor! It is an honor to sit before them and see their creative genius come through. It is an honor as a fairly new business owner to see people who have fought the fight I am fighting right now and to see that they have made it out alive. Most of them barely scarred. It was a good reminder to fight for what I want and to reach for something greater. It was inspiring to see that all of my hard work is not in vain. That it is not going to waste, but that as time progresses I become more and more of the business owner that I want to be. I am thrilled to dive into my job, into my life’s work, into what I love and to see how great it can truly become. This next season is truly about finding what I want and running as hard and as fast as my little legs will take me. So that one day my work will be an inspiration to someone.. Keep dreaming my friends. Keep believing that your art matters. That you work matters. Keep believing that one day you will be the greatest inspiration to someone had no spark…


Please, feel free to use the coupon code WFW2014 for $5 off your next order of $10 or more at http://www.vintagepod.com


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