December 21, 1956 – Finishing the Letter – A Perfect Throwback Thursday.


 Dec. 21, 1956

Naples, Italy

My Sweetheart,

Tonight I am dreaming of your triumphant return from the Mediterranean. It is rather odd that we are both in such majestic and inspiring places, but not together in those places. I wish it were so. I do try desperately to not hate the men who keep you from me so long. I am frightfully proud of you, of the work that you do to defend our country, to defend me and I love your chosen occupation as a Naval Officer, But I wish it did not take you so far. Turkey must be such a marvelous place to be. So mysterious and unknown to this little Illinois girl.

Illinois. Our sweet little state, and our sweet little town. I’m anxious to see it again. To drink it all in. While Naples is grand and my experience here has far surpassed my expectations, I cannot help but long for Cicero. For the vast, open spaces and the green, green grass. Will you take me on a long drive through the country in the Ford when we arrive home? How I’ve missed such days. The warmth of the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.  Just a few more months my love. Then we will be on that majestic steamer where I’ll have you all to myself. No one can take you away from me then.

Oh, which reminds me. I’ve had a letter from Father saying that Western Electric will take you on the moment we arrive home. He is quite confident that you will do well there and that the transition should not be too difficult. I hate that you’ll have to work so soon after returning home. But if we hope to buy that beautiful home we found in the Sears Roebuck Catalog, we both shall have to work very hard and save absolutely every penny. But don’t worry. I’ve been very frugal in my adventures here in Naples.

My favorite place to be is the Piazza del Blebiscito. I could sit there for days. People come and go and gather and wander. Children. Old lovers. Young lovers. Tourists. The nuns come every day on their way to Mass. They laugh and smile and hand out fruit to the beggars on the corner. I love Naples in the winter. It’s hardly cold at all, and I don’t have to cover that beautiful pink wool sweater that you gave me with an old coat. My days range from long to short. I write a lot of letters to Mother and little Samantha. How she misses us so. We must remember to take her a bag of candies. She has asked for the scrumptious gelato I write about but I told her that I fear it will be but a puddle before arriving in Newport News.

Well my love, I must bid you arrivederci. I love you. I adore you. I miss you more than you will ever know.

All my love,


{This letter is completely fictitious, with the exception of the details in the photograph and was written in collaboration of Mike S.}


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