The Heroes That Move Us.



We all have one. A mother. They move us, they mold us. They teach us. They inspire us to grow. I’ve been blessed with an extra mother. She came into my life unexpectedly, and she has been a driving force in my life. She took me in as one of her own. She expects me to be home for holidays. She Always has a bed for me. She makes my favorite meals when I come home. She won’t say goodbye when I leave. And she gives the greatest hugs on the planet. She has been the calming force in the raging storms, and she has given me the gift of belonging. She is unafraid of love.

Melanie Hill is a magnet for broken hearts. Her kindness, gentleness, and honesty in the face of pain is what causes your heart to melt, and somehow it heals the broken places. She has the most incredible propensity to love. To make you feel like the most wanted human on the planet! The story is not about her biscuits. But about what I learned while sitting at her kitchen table while she mixed, molded, and shared this most delicious treat.

Food is obviously a love language. It shows you what people think of you and how the cherish you. And Melanie Mom has got it down.  You sit at her kitchen table, normally with coffee or freshly made sweet tea in hand, and she pulls out the supplies. Flour from chicken wire cabinet, oil from the pantry, milk from the fridge. The battered metal pan from the cabinet. She pours. She teaches.  She estimates. She speaks kindly.  She mixes. She listens. She bakes. She understands. She loves. The smells waft from the oven, and her heart is fully invested in your conversation. She knows your heart, and she shares her own.

My favorite memory of her, the one that sticks the most. Is the memory of her coming to greet us with hugs in the early morning as we sat on the porch swing, coffee in hand. She woke before the little ones so that she could have her quiet time. Often times before the sun, her commitment to the Lord inspires me. I can remember countless chats on the phone where she has encouraged me to reach father, dream bigger, and trust the Lord to fulfill the desires of my heart. She is my biggest hero. She is the kindest of souls and the most amazing mother. I’m thankful to have her in my life and that time and distance to not diminish her love for me, nor mine for her.

Love you Melanie Mom!



Please note that little Lydia’s hand is indeed clutching a biscuit in this picture!




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