One October Morning.

My time in Kansas City placed some of the most amazing people ever in my life. The Nicholson family is definitely the #1 contender for my heart. Last night I was browsing through photos and saw these pictures from my last trip in October. I’ve done it before, But I thought that I would commit to words the beauty of that morning. Maybe one day the kids will read this blog and will be reminded once again of the fun and adventurous things we got to do!

It was a dreary October morning. The kind of morning that makes you want to climb back in bed and hide under the heavy down comforter. The kind of morning that makes you think you’ll stay in Pajamas all day and drink more than one pot of coffee. It was the kind of morning that should start slowly, progress slowly, and end slowly. However, the Nicholson children are unaware of what slow mornings look like. I was awakened by a tap on the shoulder and a toothless grin, informing me that I had to get up because we had cider donuts to eat. “Hava go to eat donuts” She said with wide eyes and that tiny little smirk. Her curly mop of hair was glossy in the morning light and who could deny that mouth void of teeth! A raspy voice came from the stairs “she’s awake!” We hustled, we bustled, we loaded up into the van and we were off! They had waited all week for the pleasure of donuts for breakfast. They had waited all week to show me the most magical place on earth. They had been waiting for our amazing Dunn Cider Mill outing.

It’s just a little barn with a few old ladies. A roof to keep out the rain. A heater to keep your toes toasty while you munched on cinnamon sugar cider donuts. It is the quaintest place you can find! It is simple and beautiful and homey. It is everything a cider mill should be. And oh, how those kids love that place! They stood at the window for as long as possible, watching the dough be turned into donuts, flipped and fried. Their eyes were wide with wonder as they watched the magic of donut making. As they saw the things that they don’t completely understand, the science of it. The miracle of leavening.

But the thing they don’t understand the most is the magic that one feels in the moments. That standing there watching them, wide eyes, in awe is the most phenomenal sight I’ll ever see. Their innocent hearts and their beautiful enthusiasm for life inspires me to be better. To be stronger. To dream more bravely. Their vigor and resilience is inspiring. It has the ability to heal a soul that has seen hard, long days. It has the ability to speak to the harden places of a battered heart. It brings hope. It brings light. It brings peace to the chaos. Their perspective of life gives me life. It shows me how to be a better person. How to be a leader to these tiny people who mean so much to me. It teaches me to be full of grace, to be full of understanding. It teaches me to be the kind of person that I want them to be. The person I want them to respect. Those five tiny humans hold the power to make me into the woman I want to be. They make me a better person…So. Today, I choose to live life like they do. Eyes wide opened and hearts ready to embrace every day for what it is.


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