They Deserve a Story.



I am obsessed with pictures. My pictures, other peoples pictures, old pictures. The older the better, the more faded the more charm. I’ve had this photograph floating around my office for about a month now. I’ve no idea where I acquired it, but it has me captured!! Absolutely enthralled. I can’t even tell you why…But there something so beautiful about them. The back of the picture says that their names are Clifford & Annie, and this photo was taken on March 22nd of 1959. I have so many questions!!

Do you see the way they aren’t touching, but her elbow is so close to his arm? Was this normal? Did they ever touch?

The look on his face, was he truly that solemn, or had he just had news of failed crops or a family illness?

Where did her dress come from? Was it a prized possession?

Their coffee cups on the picnic table. Was that their usual spot? Their usual daily routine?

Who took the photo? Was it planned? Spontaneous? Were they showing off their prized tree in the background?

Were they in love? Or were they married for the sake of convenience?

I want to know their story. Every bit of it. I want to be part of their lives…My sister in law and I started to make a story for them. My oldest brother even added a bit of his own literary genius to the mix….And this is what we have so far..Please, feel free to add to the story, I’ll update often! What do you think Clifford and Annie’s life looked like?

Clifford & Annie were childhood sweethearts and had been married for 54 years.  They have 4 children. 2 boys. 2 girls. Nancy, Ellie, Charles & Harry. They have a big farm in Kansas. And every morning, Ma could be heard screamin’ up the back steps of the kitchen for Harry to get down to breakfast. Although it was a hard life, Annie wouldn’t change it for the world. The farm yielded everything their family could ever want, and the citrus trees added a small taste of Heaven to desserts in the summer time. The Polka dot dress and the well worn hat were the last tangible reminders of home. Of a life they left for a greater promise of hope. The hem of her dress has been mended many times, but it had a lot of good dancing years left. They didn’t despise the hard work, or the hot summers. But rather, they held tight to the rarely spoken love that came from long years of marriage, child rearing and building a life together. A life that grew a lemon tree. When the spaceship landed, they never expected it.But then again…they always did believe in life on Mars..


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