Embracing Bravery.


This year, I made the commitment to dream bravely. To embrace my fears and to conquer my dreams. At the ripe age of 23, I see people around me throwing away their lives, hiding from the adventure that seeks them out. And then there is me. Running straight toward my biggest fears. Armed with determination, stubbornness, and the desire to make something of myself. I’ve wanted to live in Wilmington, North Carolina for years. I just have. It is a beautiful and creative city that is very conveniently located on the beach. Anyone who knows me knows that I love water. I crave beauty. I crave tranquility. I thrive on simplicity. So, as of March 15th, I will officially live in Wilmington, NC. Because I am young and beautiful and adventurous and brave. I am brave. I am throwing caution to the wind and I am going to check one really big thing off my life list. I am going to move somewhere I’ve always wanted to live even though I have no connections, no contacts and no idea what I’m jumping into. But I’m going to do it. Because dreaming bravely is about doing the things that terrify you. It’s about doing the things that seem impossible. So, here is to conquering the impossible!



2 thoughts on “Embracing Bravery.

  1. Congrats and Happy Homecoming to your new apartment, new town, new life! I’ve enjoyed ‘visiting’ with you on your blog this morning. Now my tea is done and I have to move on to the business of the day BUT, not before sharing that . . .

    Once, when I was 19, I followed my soul calling me to trek (by car, plane and bus) to the unknown wilds of Austin, TX, a place I had never been in body but belonged to in spirit. So, with a backpack and a guitar, I hit the road. I rode into Austin on a Greyhound bus. Thirty-one years later, I rode out in SuzyQ, my Suzuki Vitara, a husband and two beloved boy/men (my sons) richer. I cannot imagine my life if I had not listened to my inner voice, telling me to “go west, young girl”. Our souls know, our spirits sing. We just have to listen. We know. We know . . .

    Life is a journey. Take it.

    Kudos to you for following your knowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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