Chasing Sunsets.


West at sunset is always my favorite. You get a perpetually pink sky for hours. I love it. It’s a reminder that time exists outside of my tiny world. It reminds me that there is more to be seen than the four walls of my office and the path from one junk store to the next. It reminds me that good things last. But you must fight for them. You have to defy the odds and develop the appropriate vessel to carry you to such beauty. It reminds me that my options are truly endless. And my heart will never be satisfied with the norm of momentary beauty, but that I must seek something greater.

I have refused to settle in life. I’ve refused to settle in love. I’ve refused to settle in regards to work. I refuse to settle. The unknown is terrifying. The unknown is a dark hole of unknownness. Yeah. Not a word. I know. But it is. And yet. I am fearless. I am brave. Am going to dream bravely this year. Because I deserve that. I deserve braveness. I deserve greatness.


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