For the Sake of Rest.

Owning your on business is 90% about time management. You have to learn to find a rhythm of what works for you and what doesn’t. You have to learn when to say no. And when to jump in. It’s about balance. It’s about finding the grain that tips the scale and takes you from perfectly determined and persistent to a workaholic. You have to find the balance of work life and home life. Because the line is gray and the distinction is muddled. I speak from great experience. My office resides in my bedroom. And you will quickly find that this is an unpleasant marriage of the dreams of your heart and the dreams of your slumber. They do not mix well. For even in sleep, you see the pile of work that consumes your waking hours.

I recently spoke with a friend about the guilt that we feel when at the end of the day we have not fully accomplished put check lists. We feel that since we work from home, since we control our own schedules, since we are not currently burdened with the great joys of children. Or a significant other, that we should be able to more rapidly check things off our daily lists. But the reality, more often than not, is that we trudge along with the rest of the human race. Because believe it or not. We are human. We have the same challenges that you face every day In your office. Only we never leave our office. The lights never go off. We never lock the door. We rarely depart of our place of work.  And thusly, we deny ourselves the rest that our bodies and our minds demand.

Rest is essential to the business owner. Otherwise you get burned put and frustrated with what was once your greatest joy. You begin to lose your creative drive and everything suffers for it. Rest is mandatory for success. I am a sleeper. I never outgrew my teenage habit of needing 9 to 10 hours of sleep. I’m not lazy. But my body demands sleep. Believe me. I’ve tried many times to go for extended periods on little to no sleep. And the outcome is that I’m non productive and I end up sleeping for a week. I have had to learn to read my body and to take from its natural cues. So. I sleep. I go to bed early. And not necessarily because I am up early. But because after much trial and error. I’ve found what I truly need. I also know that as an introvert I need a lot of alone time. Which is quite perfect with my job. But I need alone time that isn’t spent working. Because whether it be reading or creating or writing. I have to be able to thrive personally before my business can benefit from my creative process. I also have to have one on one time with the people in my life. I have to gain fro. Their wisdom, their laughter, their heartache and their joys. I have to have them in my life and to be in theirs. So…

Find what you need to thrive on your business. Don’t put it off, because it’s important. Your check list is not so important that you can’t set it down to spend time with someone who needs to chat. Or to cook something you enjoy. Life is important. So is business. But if you can’t learn to take care of yourself then you will always fall short in business. Enjoy a bit of freedom. Because that should be why you own your own business. Because it’s about your life. About your freedom.


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