Selfies, Fat Talk & The World of Women.

Last year, I wrote a blog titled Fat Talk – The Social Currency of Women. It got quite a response, and since then, I have definitely worked hard to keep the mission of abandoning “Fat Talk” in my own life. Fat Talk being the self deprecating, poor opinion of one’s self in reference to body image. Nothing angers me more than young girls who think that their bodies are imperfect and should constantly be improved upon.

I just watched this great video which I recommend to everyone! It changes the way you think about your body, about how you talk about your body. Moms, this is for you. QUIT TALKING NEGATIVELY about your body!!!! Because your daughters listen, they learn from you, they hang on your every word and what you say about yourself they think about themselves. So QUIT. Just quit.


I”ve got a serious issue with diets. With this growing trend of programs like Body by Vi, Plexus & a million others that suck people in to buying products, getting on a strict diet & ultimately setting you up for failure. People need to learn how to take care of their bodies instead of getting stuck in a program that makes you dependent on a product. Hey guys, if you drank water, I bet 90% off your issues would disappear. Just saying. But Really, my issue is that when people are sucked into such trends, the people around them are affected. When you are hell bent on “fixing” your nearly perfect body, it makes me look at mine and say, “wow, if yours is so horrible, then mine is even worse.” Granted, I live a healthy lifestyle. But I also love my body.

I haven’t always loved my body. Actually, it just recently happened. In the last year. I finally decided that I was happy with my body. I’m happy with the fantastic love handles that I’m sure are a result of my love of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I love that I’ve got that great baby tummy, even though I’ve not yet had a baby (it’s true, I swear). I’m happy with my silly straight & fine hair. Because while it looks great styled, It normally ends up in a bun, which I execute poorly. I’m learning to not hate my skin that is constantly breaking out. I’m done complaining about the “imperfections of my body, because the women around me are BEAUTIFUL. And they need to feel beautiful. Quit comparing yourself to someone else!! I am not you, and you are not me. So quit looking at the people around you, the women on magazine covers, or the models that tv tells us are normal. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your body. Enjoy the people around you. And tell someone that they are beautiful. Today. Do it. Right now. Because building people up will build your confidence as well as theirs.

Let’s be a loving society. Let’s quit judging. Let’s quit tearing others down. Because people are beautiful. Our bodies are beautiful. And life is about so much more than lookin’ hott and having a rockin’ body. Though there is nothing wrong with those things. Let’s start focusing on the people, on their hearts, on their souls…


2 thoughts on “Selfies, Fat Talk & The World of Women.

  1. i really enjoyed reading this and i agree with everything you said….of course, just because i agree doesn’t mean i don’t have the occasional negative feeling about my body. But i am trying to love my body more. It grew and birthed three beautiful children, two of which are girls, who need me to set the example of how to love ourselves. 🙂

    1. Oh girl! I don’t always love my body! There are definitely days! BUT it’s about building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. It’s about speaking life. Because those little girls can get through lot of things of they have a positive self image!

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