Vintage Pod Promo Campaign


I am so excited for this new year! For the new season of life, for the new adventures to be found, and for the renewed passion that I’ve found for my business! My goal is to be completely, financially stable just on my Etsy incomes by the beginning of summer. June 21st is officially the first day of summer, but I’m thinking that this is the perfect birthday gift to myself! So May 1st is my goal!

Expansion means a lot of things. It means that I’ve got to move a lot of inventory, which means that the old stuff is out and the new stuff is in! I’ll be adding a new batch of 50% off items every Saturday and on occasion, if you buy more than 3 50% off items you can get even more discounts!

I’m also working on a fantastic campaign with some of my favorite bloggers, photographers & item reviewers! They will have some great reviews and fun things coming your way, so keep a look out for their posts! If you are a big time blogger or have a large following in social media, let me know. You could score some free vintage loot in exchange for a little bit of advertising!


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