Organized Chaos.

I am an organizer. I’ve done it as an occupation. I’ve done it for myself. I’ve done it since I was a kid! My favorite chore when I was little was organizing the Tupperware cabinet. Don’t you dare judge me. But even with my history of fantastic organizational skills, my life is ALWAYS unorganized. It doesn’t help that my office, supply room & shipping stations are all in my bedroom. Not having separate spaces for these things makes it very difficult to keep things neat and organized. Mostly because nothing has a specific place! And because my life is chaotic! I spend 75% off my day in my room, and the rest of my time is usually spent shopping. So When I come home from said shopping trips, everything gets dumped in my room and waits to be processed and organized. There is hope though. Slowly but surely, I am coming up with processes that help me organize my store, which translates to my life.

If you are running an Etsy store, or any kind of business from home. Then here are some tips that I’ve found to be so helpful!

#1 Don’t stress about the mess!!!!!!!! You are human, you can’t do it all! Embrace your work space and learn to love it for it’s imperfections. Because if you don’t you are gonna be one stressed out human being. And that doesn’t help anyone!

#2 Come up with a system for processing inventory. I currently have 3 clear bins with no lids that are my “processing station” for inventory. One bin is for new inventory that has not been photographed, listed, or sorted. One is for inventory that has been photographed and needs to be listed. And one bin is for inventory that has been photographed & listed and needs to be Organized.

#3 DO NOT HAVE A CATCH ALL BOX. Get rid of your junk drawer, your mail stack, your catch all spot. When you get a bill, put it where it goes, when you have junk, decide right then and there if you are ever going to use it and if so, put it where it goes.

#4 Move things frequently to achieve efficiency. If somethings fits well somewhere, but takes you much longer to get to it. Then move it. Play around with your work space. And embrace the change.

#5 Make your work space all about you. For a long time I didn’t want to personalize my “office”. I wanted to be able to avoid distraction, and that meant the bare minimum. But as time has gone on, I’ve realized that when I don’t feel cozy in my work space that I have the urge to clean, move about, and to not actually accomplish any work. I use candles, creative storage, and even decor to make my work space appeal to me. When my junk gets in the way of my ascetic then I know I need to hop back on that organizational train.


Hope this helps someone out there! Happy Wednesday!



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