For the Love of Passion.


I have an unwavering passion for food. I’m  firm believer that you should love the food you eat and eat the food you love. I have a love affair with food. I am not a glutton. You will notice that I have maintained my weight since the day I graduated high school, and I run so that I can eat what I want. (please note that my 30 minutes jog around the park can hardly be called hardcore. So don’t even try to get on my about being obsessed.) I have run back and forth between two extremes, eating everything I can find, and not eating at all. I have walked that not so fine line. And I am happy to say that I now have a love affair with what I eat.

I am not an expert, I am not  nutritionist, though I make a darn good counselor, I’m not a shrink. But I have some pretty serious ideas and thoughts about food and the state of our country and if you would like to hear them, then simply read further….

We have a serious issue of eating disorders in this country. It is a disease. It is a self inflicted, uneducated disease and every day we kill ourselves with what we eat. We eat because we are bored. We eat because we are trained to eat at 8, 12 & 5 every day. We eat because we are lazy and we eat because it is convenient. We reward ourselves with cokes and cookies. We bribe children with food. And in the same strain, we have girls who starve themselves every day because their bodies are undesirable. Grown women who eat nothing but celery because they are afraid they won’t be loved and wanted and accepted and cherished if they aren’t a size 2. You can say you don’t care, but the truth is that every woman cares about what she looks like. And we fight with every demon that screams at us saying we aren’t perfect.

I don’t want to conquer every issue I just mentioned. But I would like to give  you a few thoughts. The things that we learn as children carry us through life. Eating habits matter. Your kid should not know what koolaid is. The words no MSG and no high fructose corn syrup should mean something to them. They should know that carrots grow in the ground and beans grow on a vine. They should know that food is not meant to come from a can (unless it is a good old ball jar!). As your kids grow up, they learn how to either kill themselves with the food that they eat or to maintain a healthy, whole lifestyle. We are addicted to the convenience of food. To the unsatisfactory pleasure that we supposedly receive from the things we eat.

I have a love affair with food.

When I was in Italy, my eyes became even more open to the beauty of food. A culture that is surrounded by family thrives around the table. When you eat meals there, they are an experience. Dinner is a journey through dishes. And a bottle of wine is carefully chosen as to not hinder or hide your food. Food should be eaten with care. Food should be experienced. Food should be part of who you are. Because food is a journey.

Respect what you eat. And get in your daggum kitchen! If you don’t know where to start. Let me know! I”ll help you out!


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