The Perfect Omelet.


I’ve spent many years attempting to perfect the omelet. It is an art. The filling has to be cooked all the way through. But so do the eggs. There must be a perfect amount of cheese. Enough salt. But not so much that the flavor of the egg doesn’t shine through. You cannot leave it to chance that all of these element will come together. So be prepared! My favorite omelet as of right now has peppers & onions, spinach, tomato, ham or bacon or olives, artichokes &sharp cheddar cheese. Think about how each element should taste before you jump into your omelet making. For example. I like my peppers, onions & artichokes sautéed till very soft, I like my spinach barely wilted, I want my ham or bacon almost crispy & I like my tomatoes pretty much raw. You need one 8 inch skillet for an omelet. Therefore. I start with my peppers and onions and artichokes. A little coconut oil, salt & pepper. Sauté till brown and toss in the spinach. Leave for about 20 seconds and set aside. Slice your tomatoes and set them on a paper towel so as to get rid of the excess water. You do not want a soggy omelet!! Next cook whichever meat you choose. if you are using olives, straight out of the can is fine. Once everything is cooked the way you want it. Whisk your eggs very well with a few tablespoons of half & half. Make sure all of the white is well beat into the yolk. Keep your pan on medium low heat and slowly pour the eggs in. Here is the key to a perfect flip. DON’t TOUCH IT! Your pan should be on a low enough heat that it won’t burn, but should take about 2 minutes to cook almost all the way through. Lots of people use that ridiculous technique where you get some of the raw egg on the bottom again. Don’t do it. Don’t touch it. There should only be a little raw egg left when you flip. Use a big enough spatula that you can get about 2/3 of the egg onto it. And very quickly flip. This is something you will need to practice. But the key is don’t flip too early and don’t use too much cream or else it won’t set. As soon as you have flipped, put on your cheese first and then pile on all the other ingredients. Fold closed and you are good to go!


It’s pretty simple. It just takes some patience. Learn to take your time in the kitchen. It should be an experience. It should make you feel alive. It should be part of who you are and how you live your life. Choose the best choice and COOK!!!




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