A Song for Every Season.

I’m slightly saddened to admit that summer is over. I’m a summer girl. A sunny girl. A beach girl. There are few things I enjoy more than cruising through the sticky Virginia countryside with my windows down belting whatever tune is the hit for that week. That is unless that drive includes hot apple cider, a scarf, and boots. I’ve been LONGING for my boots. I tried wearing them a few weeks back and I’m quite certain that it was much akin to those weird “sweat it out” weight loss theories. Weird stuff man…

I am launching into a totally new season of life. One that demands my time. One that demands my spontaneity. And that excites me. I feel alive. I feel like my life is everything I’ve ever wanted. There are these great moments of peace and insanity. And the beauty of never knowing what is next. My life is currently unplanned. And I think I’m going to keep it that way for a while longer. Despite my lack of predictability, I think I am growing in patience and in the art of flyin by the seat of my pants. I’m learning more and more to be an adaptable human being. One who is flexible and generous in all sorts of nuttiness. 

There is an anthem for every season, and this one is mine. My heart nearly exploded when I heard this song. Jamie is a friend of mine from Kansas City and such a talented musician. Her heart is so gentle and pure. And I hope that the tenderness that slips from her voice is transferred to my heart. I need to love Jesus more. He found me. He loved me. He bought me. He saved me. And oh, how my heart longs to love Him well…


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