I am Woman. Hear Me Roar. And Then Roar Louder Than Me.

Last night I had a great little chat with my brother and his brother from another mother. And we reached a really great conclusion on the intricacies  of strong, determined women. I am obviously one of those women. I am determined. I know what I want. I am painfully independent. And I don’t take crap from anyone. One of my biggest pet peeves is being treated like I am made of glass. I want a man to protect me and to love me. To cherish me and look out for me. But I really am quite capable of taking care of myself. Not that I always want to. But I can. Many a man have been kicked to the curb because they refuse to acknowledge that I am a strong woman. Let the reader understand that I am fully aware that some of my strength is derived directly from my pride and there is a working of the Lord to conquer that stupid thing. But, having been left to my own devices, I have established a pretty well rounded ability to take care of my self.

I am woman. Hear me roar. And then roar louder than me.

If you are one of these women. Don’t back down. Don’t be afraid of being strong. Of being loud. Of being independent. But also acknowledge that the great men in your life should WANT to take care of you. And you have to let them.


To the men who desire to pursue these women. ROAR LOUDER THAN WE DO! Don’t be a jerk about it. But conquer us. Show us that we are worth your fight, we are worth your energy. Pick us up off the ground and show us that you are strong. Stronger than us. Be aggressive in the good way (don’t be a creep or that will get you booted too) but be determined to know us. Show us that we don’t scare you and that our aggressive nature isn’t a bad thing. Encourage us in our determination and find ways to run with us. Most of the time we run because we either want to be caught or we need you to prove that you can keep up. Prove that you see our strength and that you see the beauty in it. Embrace the insanity. Because if you show us that you love it, we will eventually slow down and prove to you that we are the nurturing, gentle creatures that we were made to be. Just remember, we aren’t made of glass…We won’t break. And honesty is what we crave….


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