What Goin’ on at Vintage Pod Headquarters.

This summer has been an incredible experience for me! Travel, mixed with work has been one of the most rewarding things I could ever hope for! And there is so much more to come! Vintage Pod & Fearlessly Forever will be participating in some great events in the next 6 weeks and I would love to share a little bit with you!

In recent months I have been working like a mad woman to expand my business horizons and I’m amazed at what I have accomplished! I launched my quilt line, I am about to hit 500 sales and Vintage Pod is about to celebrate 3 years of operation! I could not be a happier woman!


This weekend, I will be setting up a booth at the Orange Flea Market! This is a new market, one that will take place every week on Saturday’s from 8 to 5. It is located off of rt. 15 Next to the tractor store, vague I know. Ill get you the address tomorrow! And will feature vendors from all over the county, and should be a whole lot of fun! Stop by and see me!


In September, I’ve got two huge events that I am thrilled to be part of! The first is September 7th from 9-5 in downtown Orange. I have been attending the Orange street festival since I was a kid and I’m thrilled to be part of it this year! Vintage Pod/Fearlessly Forever will be set up directly in front of the beverage garden and live music stage. This is a great family event, there is food, and fun booths, it is a place to get out and enjoy beautiful Virginia!


Last but not least, I will be participating in Shabby Love’s annual barn sale!!!! This event is chock full of amazing vendors who love vintage, who love beauty, and who love what they do!

Barn Sale Post Card front-


So come see me!!


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