The Italia Adventure. Part II

It has taken me about a week to compose this blog because every time I think about writing something new, I have to go back to my journal, get the details right, find the right pictures, and then…I get lost in a 24 hour daze of remembering that this really happened and it’s real life. I miss Italy. I’m about to catch the next paddle boat over the pond and find out how Christopher Columbus felt finding the promised land.


Today is a slacker day of epic proportions. I’ve accomplished nothing. Which is rather rare for my life. But hey. I”m not gonna turn out crummy products to meet a quota when there is no expectation. Now dismounting from my business minded high horse.


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There are so many things to say..GAH! Italy was a remarkable place. But there were a few things that stuck out to my poetic little heart. And this is the blog where I will share those sweet and intimate things of my heart. (don’t worry, I was with my mom. It’s more than pg.)

Rome is huge. You don’t even realize how big it is until the day is over and your legs are literally burning from how much you have walked and your arms are banged up from literally jumping off and on the bus as it swings by and 800 busy Italians are pushing past you to get on. It’s a big city. I would also like to say that the popular places that you see in movies are NOT IN THE CENTER  OF TOWN. They are tucked away on back streets, in neighborhoods, surrounded by restaurants. Which lends a phenomenal measure of awe, when you round a corner and there sits the Pantheon. Lit up in a glow of glory and history. It was the most incredible thing I have ever beheld. For me, it held more importance than the Colosseum or even St. Peters Basilica. It was. Beautiful. There was something so simple and yet so incredibly grand about it. The sun was setting over the piazza and it was gorgeous.


The other fun thing was seeing the Treve Fountain! I saw the movie Three Coins in a Fountain when I was very young, and it has always stuck with me! Three secretaries are in Rome and whatever the plot of the movie (it has totally slipped me) at the end of the movie they each throw a coin in the fountain and promise to return to Rome. I’ve always wanted to do that! It was a beautiful moment to share with my Mamma.


Ok, I cannot go any further without talking about Gelato in Italy. Literally, jaw droppingly good! At the beginning of my trip I vowed to have gelato every day and to eat every outrageous flavor I could find. Even the outrageous ones make so much sense. I should have written down all of the flavors I had. I’m sure that in scouring my journal I”ll find those pointless details somewhere, but. Whatever. Pistachio is definitely the most popular flavor, and boy is it worth it! I can’t even put into words the way that pistachio gelato melts in your mouth on 103 degree day. It is heaven. Life could not be any better than the 97 seconds it takes you to devour that cone. P.s if you get it in a cup I will disown you. So un-Roman Holiday of you.

Side note. Who the HECK decided to put pretzels in chex mix. They should be shot.

That’s really all I have to say. I just spent an hour picking the pretzels out…the end.

Oh, no! Wait. Let me just say that spaghetti in Italy is a magical experience. Simple, straight forward spaghetti is like…heaven. That’s all.


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