Summer Days..


There are a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head right now. It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks and I have taken the morning to relax an refocus. There are few things that yank me back into a proper perspective  like being in the garden. There is something soothing and settling about getting your hands deep into the soil and letting it infiltrate your soul. I was not about to get down and dirty at 6am so I opted for the hammock and the August edition of Southern Living. And while you may think that’s a waste of my time when my to do list is longer than the constitution and I leave for Italy in 3 days. It was a morning well spent.
We get so caught up in American life that we forget about the good old summer days when life was slow and simple and you took a break when the day got hot and lemonade with your Mamma was a given. I dread the day when I have children and  pressures to give them a cell phone 5 minutes after exiting the safety of my womb. I like the simple thing (I say as I blog From my iPhone). I like being able to exist in my immediate world. Where sunflowers and tomatoes and blackberries grow in consecutive, trimmed rows. Where 62 degrees in July is like Christmas. I like little moments. I like being joyful and thankful in every little moment.
I’m thankful that I grew up as some backwoods, homeschooled farm child. I’m thankful that I put a deep value on real relationships and on living YOUR life. I’m thankful that I have the passion and the drive to run my own stores so that I CAN take the morning off and drink deeply of this Virginia summer. I am thankful that I’m alive today. And I’m thankful that God has mercy on my soul each and every day. Because I am a dinner. But I am wholly saved by grace. And for that. I cannot give enough thanks.

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