To the People Who Inspire Me – Fearlessly Forever

I have been promising you blogs all week. But I have been so busy cranking out quilts that I simply haven’t had time. And now, still in bed with a huge up of coffee. My new store, will launch in a mere 3 hours. I could not be more proud about the collection of quilts that I have to present to you this afternoon. They have been carefully crafted with love and a whole lot of patience! I would not be able to complete this launch without some very influential people in my life.

I have to start with my best friend Sarahann. Our friendship is the basis for the phrase Fearlessly Forever and she is the one who helped push me to turn my love of quilts and homey things into a a store. She has pushed me when I didn’t want to be pushed and she has encouraged me to reach farther than my dreams. She has never given up on me, even when I don’t want to fight my for myself.


Drew and Halee Janes are the ones who helped me start my first store and they have faithfully encouraged and inspired me to keep running even when the perks of running your own business don’t seem worth it. They have inspired me to be adventurous and to reach for every impossible thing I could ever imagine. They have infused their passion into my love of business and have given me a million and one reasons to fight for my shop. They are an adventurous and wild couple who love to travel and have no fear of failure!


Holli Nicholson has been my personal prayer warrior for years now. She knows just when and how to push me for greatness. Not knowing a thing about my day she will text with the most encouraging words that push me to be brave when I want to hide. Her army of children propel me to be a greater woman, a greater business woman. They are my inspiration in so many ways and they each have a part of my heart.


My Cousin Elizabeth has been my biggest fan. She always talks me out of giving up and she is the one who tells me I’m awesome. She tells me that I can do anything. That I shouldn’t listen to the lies of the world around me. She is the one who forces me back into my sacred little bubble when I start straying from what I love. She is my hero!


Lauren Gourley has been my saving grace since I moved back to Virginia and threw myself into the full time occupation of business owner. She has been my steady adventure buddy these last 9 months and I could not be more thankful for this long time friend. She propels me to reach for creativity, to dive into the unknown.

There are a million other people I could thank for my (hopeful) success today. But I have a store to launch people!! Check in at at noon to see the incredible collection I have waiting for you!


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