When I Grow Up.

From the time we are conceived, there is a question of “what will you be when you grow up?”. As we evolve into toddlers, teenagers, and eventually adults, our ideas and dreams change. But somewhere deep inside of us, our DNA is programmed to be extraordinary. Whatever “extraordinary” looks like for you. It is different for each of us. We are extraordinary. You are extraordinary. Whether you feel like you are succeeding or failing, whatever season of life you are in, you are extraordinary.

Look back over the course of your life, and think about all the things you wanted to be. What were they? What were your biggest dreams as a kid? As a teenager? As a college kid? Last year? What were your dream jobs? Your perfect scenarios? What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. I’ve flown a plane, that’s close enough for me.

Around age 7 I decided I wanted to be a mommy. I’m a nanny for now and eventually I plan on being a mother, so Check.

Then I wanted to be a florist/baker. I Have done the wedding cake thing and I hate it. I’ll stick to baking at home. Thank you.

Next, I wanted to be a seamstress like my mom. I tried about 8 million dresses. They all failed. Moved on.

Then, I decided I wanted to go into fashion design. Realized I’m not very cutting edge, so. career change.

At age 14, I had the biggest dreams of being a professional ballet dancer. That lasted until my first pointe class. Then I taught for many years, put on a recital. And while I would love to dance again, that dream is fairly stagnant.

In  high school I wanted to be a journalist. Travel the world. Be Christiane Amanpour. After 2 years of college I was done and onward I marched.

A while later I found myself living the life of a missionary, thinking that this was the course of my life.

Today, I am none of those things. But I am all of those things. My life has evolved into a beautiful combination of all of my dreams. Tonight as I was working on some of the great aspects of starting up a new store, I paused for a moment to think about where I am in life and how I got here. The launch of Fearlessly Forever is a very personal journey for me. It is more than a store. It is a promise. It is an adventure. It is something that my heart is fully invested in. It is something that I hope to cling to for the rest of my life. It is who I am. Fearlessly Forever and Vintage Pod are the greatest expression of who I am.

My life is full of adventure, and changing tides. I am creating and expressing myself through the fabrics that I match together, through the treasures that I find. I am putting forth a part of my heart in every item that passes through my hands. I am giving you a part of my world when I present something through my stores. I am letting you see part of me.

Fearlessly Forever, a quilt line crafted out of love is everything I’ve ever wanted to be wrapped up in a blanket. Wrapped up in warmth and homeyness. It’s my baby. It’s the part of me that has been aching to show itself, but I just didn’t know how. It’s everything I wanted to be when I grew up…


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