The Summer Shack


I LOVE books. I love to read. Visiting Harvard was definitely a highlight of my trip (another blog is forthcoming, outlining my love of Harvard!). While on campus we visited The Coop, a 4 story, university book store. Lordy, I was in heaven! I could have stayed there all day. I picked up a book which is a compilation of letters between Julia Child & Avis DeVoto. They were penpals for many years and worked very closely when Julia was in the midst of writing her famous cookbook. Julia child is one of my favorites and letter writing is my thing, so. I now own the book.

As I was reading yesterday, I noticed that Julia once lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts! After a bit of research, I found a seafood restaurant that she once frequented! She was supposedly good friends with the owner. A little more digging and I discovered that it was still in business and that it was in the same part of town where we were headed! So, off we went to The Summer Shack!


I was presented with a huge pile of crabs and a hammer so I went to town! Delicious food! If ever in Boston, check it out! From what I read, back in the day it used to be a very upscale place, but as time has gone on, it is very laid back and a lot of fun! Oh, and their Boston creme pie is to die for! I mean, you’re in Boston, gotta be a tourist 😉


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