Boston Strong


I am officially in love with Boston! What a beautiful city! It is full of so much life and so many interesting things to do! Yesterday, we had the pleasure of walking down the Main Street in Boston, the site of the recent Boston bombings. And I was so touched by all of the memorials that have been erected in memory of this tragic event. Hundreds of people left their shoes at the finish line. There are signs and prayers and bibs from the race. We remember that day as one where an act of terrorism attempted to tear Boston apart, but they have risen above and have bound together to form an even stronger city. The photo above is one of my favorites. It’s in front of a school. Thousands of people have tied strips of cloth to the iron fence. Some of them had prayers. And one that captured my attention was a beautiful handkerchief which read “terrorism will not yank the beauty from our souls. Boston strong. Boston love” it was written in a beautiful and shaky scrawl. Probably some elegant, grey haired, grandmother type beauty who has seen more terror In her life than I could ever imagine. She has probably lost sons to war and seen the pain of the world. And yet, she stands Boston Strong.


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