KC Coffee. Part One.

If you have ever read my blog, looked at my Facebook, or met me in person, you pretty much know that I was born with a coffee cup in my hand. It’s been a part of my social and family life for as long as I can remember and it is something that I greatly enjoy! Virginia has got the WORST assortment of coffee and after living in KC for 2.5 years, the culture of coffee has been greatly missed in my life! I have been here for 8 days, and I have visited some of the most incredible coffee shops! Let me tell you about them!


{The Quay}

Such a cute dive! Located down by KC’s City Market, this shop is simple, to the point. They have a VERY limited menu. I don’t think I even saw any syrups, but their coffee stands on it’s own. They have a cute nautical logo, and an old bank vault that holds their merch. Also, they have a Rosemary Walnut Scone that is to DIE FOR!  (Don’t worry, when I try to make them, I’ll blog it for you!)

996719_10151626679289720_1857443589_n{The Roasterie}

Unique to KC, they roast their own coffee, and have a few cafe’s around the city (though the only one I frequent is on 119th). They have a very chic, classy feel to their stores and they produce a pretty decent latte. Upscale, over priced pastries, and the like, aren’t really my deal, but they are pretty good. I enjoy their roasts and I can deal with hanging in their booths, mostly because they have planes EVERYWHERE! I love it! This used to be a weekly dive for me.


{One More Cup}

This one was a new one for me. Suggested by my friend, Jenn, it is a totally hipster, hippie hang out. They have a compost bucket in the front of house for heavens sake. Adorable decor and atmosphere, they were super friendly, make a delish Mocha Toddy, and overall they seemed like a great establishment. Sitting on the porch, I literally felt like I was on the beach. I love their commitment to eco friendly materials and practices.


{Broadway Cafe}

Ah, Broadway. The place that holds my heart. Home of the BEST hazelnut latte you have ever tried, Broadway is my favorite coffee shop in all of KC. They roast their own coffee, which I hoard as a rule when I get my hands on it. SUPER hipster atmosphere, I don’t really enjoy hanging out there, but oh, I will drive MILES just to get my hands on a cup of their joe.       

There are many more to come, but this should get you a good idea of some new places to try in the beautiful city of Kansas City.


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