Snack Time! Dressed up Hummus.


I eat way more snacks than I do actual meals. Because of my schedule and the way that I live my life, I eat a lot of small, healthy, protein packed snacks. I avoid carbs, white anything (sugar, flour, etc), and I try to always have a fruit or veggie. This one is a fresh, flavorful summer snack. It is great for one person, to make a bigger batch and keep for a week, or even to serve for a party. In all honesty it would probably be good on pasta or mixed with couscous. This is a recipe I came up with all on my own. And It is yummo!

Dressed Up Hummus

3 Tablespoons Calamata Olive Hummus (I got mine at Trader Joes)

1 Tablespoon Fresh Basil, Chopped

1/3 Cup Cherry Tomatoes, Cut in Half

1/4 Cup Chopped Artichokes (I used canned ones)

2 Teaspoons Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix it all together and serve with tortilla chips.

Bon Appetite!


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