For those readers who don’t actually know me, you must be utterly confused on where I call home. While my license says Virginia, I am not tied to a “home” there. Not only am I hardly ever in the same place for more than a few weeks, but I also refer to numerous points on the globe as “home”. I have a home in Kansas City where I have friends that are a huge part of my life. I have a home in Poplar Bluff where my best friend, my Melanie Mom, and my 800 other sisters live. I have a home with my cousin. I have a home wherever my heart feels at rest. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized that for me, home really is where my heart is. Despite my strong “homebody” tendencies, I am a wanderer (at least until some handsome man sweeps me off my feet and buys me a 300 acre plantation). I am on the road a lot and it is rare that I go somewhere I don’t call home.

Home is the place where your heart rests. The place where you feel like you can breathe. Home is the place where you become most like yourself and you walk in fear of needing to put up a self protective wall. Home is about being comfortable in your own skin, on your own time, with the people that you love. Home is about the collective places that hold your heart.

My current home, the place where my heart is delighting to be in, is Kansas City. In the house that shelters 7 of the most precious people in my life. There is a pretty picture perfect moment right now. Thunder storms are raging outside, and I am curled up in Holli’s big 4 poster bed with her gorgeous quilt, writing. Coffee and Billie Holliday included. Moving from room to room in this house, seeing all of the projects and crafts that the 5 munchkins have made, brings me to tears. There are stacks of Zack’s theology books all over, and the beautiful, practical touches of Holli. There is just something about staying in their house that brings peace and grace to my heart. Yes, sometimes I actually need grace to deal with myself. I am anxious for them to be home so I can hug all their necks, but I am loving this time of being a single person, living on my own! I LOVE SPACE!

Home is really and truly about your heart. It is about the people who love you and make you feel like yourself. Home is about existing in a space where you come alive. I am home. And home I shall stay.

Vintage Pod is about home…it’s about finding the things, the tangible, beautiful things that create “home” for you. It’s why I make travel quilts. It’s why I love nostalgia and iconic things. It’s why I do what I do, because everyone should have a home.


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