On Being 23. A selfie blog on being extraordinary.

I wish that I could say that being 23 is vastly different from being 22. But, lets get real people. The magic of being one year older ended when you were 8. That fuzzy feeling that you have for a day has faded, and 23 simply looks like one more day, with one more obligation, with one more minute to check off the mental calendar. I Think I’m more tired, my skin gets sunburned, and I can’t seem to get enough coffee. But those all probably have something to do with each other, and have to do with just being a plain moron. But. Whatevs. Yes, I’m 23 and still using the word “whatevs”. Judge not lest you be judged.

22 was a pretty fantastic year. A hard year, but a good year. It was full of adventure and so very many unknown things. Taylor Swift, who is pretty much my best friend, wrote a song about being 22. It was genius level.

You’re welcome.

I’ll never forget the night that I first heard that song. My brother and I had a Swifty party for the release of her new album, Red, and I think I tweeted the el Swifto about a dozen times. I thought, oh my gosh, TSwift. You get me! It was a pretty accurate depiction of my life as a 22 year old. Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely. It is a beautiful and confusing life. It is the conflict of being an adult, wanting to be more of an adult, and desperately wanting to be a child. It was a beautiful year.

I traveled the country, seeing everything I wanted to and more. I had the ability to experience some incredible things and to find bits and pieces of myself in every avenue. There were things that I never expected. Things I never thought I wanted to happen.

In being 22 I learned a lot about myself. A lot about who I am and what I want from life. I learned about how I operate, and how I want to operate. I learned a lot about life. Granted, I’ve got a lot more to learn, but It was a good season of personal growth. As a 23 year old, I feel like this next year is going to be about learning to put legs on the extravagant dreams of my heart. Being bold in what I want and what I’ve thought about my whole life. And that starts next weekend with learning how to sail with my girl, Lauren!! Shortly after that, I’ll be taking off on a grand adventure to Italy with my Mamma. Something I’ve dreamed of since I was a child. To see something divine. This year, I plan on being extraordinary.


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