Feature Friday – Brittany of B’rit Buttons

My name is Brittany Collett, 26 years old and the owner/designer of b’rit buttons. My husband (Keith) and I currently live in Kansas City, MO but will be moving to Manchester, England for a pastoral position in September 2013. I love all things vintage and antique, anything with lace, floral patterns, and things painted white. I collect antique English china and I like to stay healthy by exercise and eating habits.

Isaiah 61:3
Isaiah 61:3

I create vintage inspired button earrings and accessories with a mission to encourage and spread truth about who God is, His character, nature and emotions towards us according to the Bible. Not all the pairs are inspired through scripture but a vast majority are :).

What made you decide to open your store?
My shop simply started in our living room one night when I was being “crafty”. I told my husband Keith that I would love to make something and sell it on the internet for fun! I began experimenting with some buttons and fabric. I literally thought I was the first  person on earth to invent buttons earrings…HA! I shortly found out that this wasn’t a new creation and many others were doing the same thing BUT, I had a style and purpose behind the pairs that I wanted to share with others. And so it began…

What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?
We were invited to the One Thing conference and sold over 500 products in 4 days, while meeting and connecting with awesome people. It went so well, the bookstore asked us if we would like to sell in their main location year round. We said yes 🙂

Where do you find your inspiration to run your own business?
I love following a blog by a sister team called abeautifulmess.com. The sisters started out making their own handmade accessories and now have a thriving vintage store, blog and are designing for ModCloth.

What is your favorite Era of vintage or your favorite thing to make?
I love the turn of the century! Everything from the architecture to the products. There was a standard of craftsmanship that we don’t see as much today 🙂

How do you set weekly goals for your business that translate into long-term goals?
I evaluate each weeks’ orders and work loads then set a goal to accomplish them in a timely manner. I have a high standard that I like to keep in regards to presentation and quality. These things, when kept up will only help my long term goals of expansion in the future.

What’s your favorite item that is in your store?
I love the vintage decal earrings. They are genuine vintage stock, made of porcelain buttons with floral designs on them! I think they are so cute 🙂

What’s one helpful thing you have learned in opening and running your store?
Great pictures are key and frequent additions of new products keep the buyers interested and checking back for more. Also giveaways are so fun and a great way to get your product in the hands or in my case Ears of walking models!


Head on over to B’rit Buttons now, and use the coupon code VINTAPOD20 at check out!


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