Virginia. The Land that I Love.


Today was a momentous and slightly sad day for me. I surrendered my right to be a Missouri resident and traded it in for my a license featuring the seal of my Homeland, Virginia. Once a Virginia girl, always a Virginia girl. When I gave up my Virginia License back in 2010, I actually cried. It was a hard day…I felt like I was betraying my country. Dramatic, I know. But oh, so truthful! Today, I was a little sad about giving up my Missouri residency…Because in so many ways, that is home too. It holds some of my favorite people…my favorite memories…my favorite dives..My favorite baseball team. Missouri is my other home. It has my “other mother”. Two of my dearest, best friends. 5 of the most beautiful children I have ever know…Missouri is home. But Virginia is my homeland. Virginia is where my heart is. In the past seven months I have been more and more assured of this. It is the land that I love. It is my beautiful beautiful state. My heart rests in it.

It was a comical day to say the least. Car inspection, fairly flawless. Applied for a license, Apparently a ticket I got 6 years ago effected my record to the point that a woman felt it necessary to scare the heck out of me only to tell me that I had to take the written part of a driving test. Her hushed voice and hunched shoulders did little to boost my confidence while she attempted to inform me of this horrible news. Then.  Because the state of Missouri decided to not put the issue date on my license, I was not able to apply for a Virginia License. Thankfully, a nice old man named Cecile was able to straighten everything out in 2.5 hours. Then to the passport office where it took longer to print the photo’s that she took than the entire appointment which lasted all of 12 gloriously short minutes.

After my amazing Fearlessly Forever sale yesterday ( I was able to sell 6 quilts to one customer!!!) and a successful day filled with 18,000 signatures, 40 billion sheets of paper, and 23 different types of ID. I rewarded myself to new red lipstick and a beautiful pair of Italian leather Sparkle  gladiator sandles  (though the shoes were more of a necessity, because my other ones are in shreds!) Oh, what a glorious day!


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