On Being Single.

People love when you write about your life as a relationship. They eat it up. It’s good for statistics. So, here you have it. A peak into my love life. Well…Kind of…

Saturday was a beautifully eye opening day. I can’t even tell you what it was like. There were too many ironic details. But I shall try to explain. Being 22 and single is like wearing a huge sign around your neck for every mother with a son to hook you up and comment on how precious you are. Good for your ego, because everyone tells you have beautiful and talented you are, but also slightly annoying. The question “why aren’t you married/dating/taken/in a relationship?!?!” With wide eyes, and astonished voices quickly gets old. Every wedding, party, and shower, is an opportunity for you to pull out those HORRIBLE (and lets admit ladies, they are horrible) excuses. You prepare yourself, you practice your lines in front of the mirror. Because every Italian Mamma is gonna be asking you “the” question. And then you get to pull out your well rehearsed lines…

“Oh, I’m just waiting for “the right one” to come along.”

“I”m so involved in my career/school/whatever your excuse is, that I just don’t have the time”

“Well, ya know..When it happens, it will happen.”

All the while, we sit there wondering if something is wrong with us, if there is something more we should be doing. If we should indeed have gone to that singles mixer last week. Oh well… So, we move on.

If you are anything like me. Saturday usually means that you are buried in a mound of work, ignoring the fact that it’s Saturday  because, who really cares. But this week was different. I wandered into town, just…wandering. I found myself shopping, like I usually do…wandering from thrift store to thrift store, picking up items here and there, you can see a previous blog about how I found my favorite item EVER. It was a thrilling afternoon. I found myself at a Mexican restaurant where I ordered lunch for one on the patio, and pulled out, yup, you got it, a book. You MUST be 90 years old if you order lunch and read. I am. No shame.

So there I sit, minding my own business, eating my delish tacos, peeking over my book as people filtered in and out. I hear the not so hushed whispers from behind me. Commenting about the “sad girl…reading and eating by herself”. I”m trying not to bust up laughing, because the last thing I need if them to also think I”m totally off my rocker. Far from sad, I finish and move on. To the park I go.



Surrounded by couples holding hands, families with kiddos, and old people walking their dogs, I threw out my picnic blanket and yet again begin my journey back into the deep South of The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood (excellent book by the way). As I read about these brave, vibrant women. I am absolutely struck with the confidence to be single. Hopefully not forever. Because heaven forbid I not have a child in the next 5 or 10 years. I really might be reduced to kidnapping. I hear it’s much cheaper than adoption. Easier too…JUST KIDDING!!!!! I really will adopt though, cause I’ve got too many motherly skills to go to waste as a nanny. But for the season, for the day, for the time being. I am a happy single woman. Being single has it’s downside. No one to dance with at weddings, no one to go to the movies or the park or dinner with, No one to text till stupid hours of the night because you can’t quit cracking yourself up, No one to buy me an ice cream cone every time I drive by Carl’s (yes, I was reduced to waiting in the mile long line all by myself this weekend). But being single means I’m able to enjoy being adventurous and independent. And don’t worry, it won’t change when I AM in a relationship, but for now. I’m enjoying the time I’ve got. Time to run off to Italy with my mom. Time to waste entire afternoons reading. Time to spend with the people who mean something to me. Time to jet off every other week to visit friends and family and to do the things I’ve always dreamed of. It’s a fun life..for now!




3 thoughts on “On Being Single.

  1. i agree…not to change the relationship status for the sake of it…
    its a singlehood problem – the married world taking to pity us…but in my head, i always laugh at them 😉

    1. I totally agree! I am having the time of my life, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, when the right guy comes along, you better believe I will be hanging up my single hat and trading it in for a tandem bike! 😉

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