Family. Friends. Cousins. Best Friends.

Sunday’s remind me of family. So today, I’m going to share one of my favorite family members with you. She is my inspiration, my best friend. She is my cousin. And her name is Elizabeth. Though I am probably the only person in the world who can call her Lizzy and not get punched in the face. Though I bet that one of these days she will get tired of the name I’ve given her, and she WILL punch me in the face. I was born in May, she in October, looking at our old family pictures, you would think we had been little besties from the time we were born. But oh, contraire. It was not until the ripe old age of 18 that we actually discovered that we could actually stand each other.

Since that day, a weekend really; Thanksgiving, we have been as inseparable as two people in separate states can be. We take vacation together (or we will for the first time this summer), we spend spring break at each others’ houses. We go to grandma’s house together. We talk all night, we sleep all day. We  get tattoos together. It is rather remarkable how two people, related by blood, and friends by choice can weather the storms we have seen. Through heartbreak and hard times. Through the good times and the horrible ones. Through every season of life in the past 5 years, Lizbeth has always been at my side. I could never express my gratitude, nor my love for this brave woman. She is kind and full of life. She is brave and she is strong. She is my Lizzy. She is my cousin. Cause family is forever.


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