Feature Friday – Jenna & Janeen of Pearly Bird Designs

I am 25, in graduate school and run this business with my mom. I get my creative talent from her! We have always been making things with our hands since I was very little. Now, we live in separate cities so we are both creating and designing our own products in each location.

We are Jenna and Janeen. And we are designers.

We create designs and styles for the home and for special events. We hope to have our own home decor line one day!

We decided to open our store, Pearly Bird Designs in January of 2012 because we knew we had to do something bigger with our ideas. We participated in a lot of local arts and crafts shows and wanted to make our items even more public. We became huge addicts of Pinterest and knew we could make almost everything we saw. My great grandmother passed down the love of sewing and the use of the sewing machine to my grandmother, then to my mom and now to me. We make a lot of pillows, and one of our pillows landed on the front page of the Home section recently on Etsy! Many of our items are pinned on Pinterest weekly, which is always exciting to see! These have been huge accomplishments for us.

Our inspiration comes from our ability to visualize and create items that people can enjoy in their home, everyday life, and at special events. A lot of our items fit the wedding and baby theme and we can customize the items with names, dates, special quotes and sayings. It is always fun to make something so custom and personable for someone during an important time in their life.

Our favorite era of vintage is the late 1960’s to 1970’s. We love the hippie retro style and a lot of it is coming back today! The women of this time are so cute and hip! It is always fun and interesting to see how waves of interest come and go in the apparel and accessories departments. We would love to eventually use our skills on the sewing machine to make articles of clothing! Maybe one day!

A weekly goal that turns into long term goals is to always keep busy and always keep on top of orders. Our hopes are to make this a full time business, but for now as we are doing other things on the side, it is important to always stay on task and never get behind in the order process. People do not like waiting long for their items. Production time can get backed up at times and it is best to not stress and just work in a timely manner.


Our favorite item changes frequently!

Right now, our painted wooden pallet that reads “I have found the one whom my soul loves Song of Solomon 3:4” with two love birds on a limb is our favorite. It is spring wedding season and it has been very popular. It is always fun to see people’s color options, and many get them to go with their wedding color scheme.They are so sweet and can be hung in the home forever.

We have learned to have policies in our Etsy shop! It is important to have these if an issue arises, and we make sure to state that by checking out in our shop the customer agrees to the policies. We have also learned that having more of an item helps it sell. Having several of the same item, but with different color options shown or a slight difference gives the customer more to choose from. Also, advertising investments have been very helpful for us on craft websites and popular bloggers pages.

Coupon Code: LOYAL15 for 15% off any 1 item




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