Throwback Thursday – Around the World in 80 Days


I feel that you are incapable of being a proper homeschooler (a topic I plan to tackle tomorrow!)  unless you have spent a full afternoon watching this classic film, Around the World in 80 Days. Not the new one, not the one where Jackie Chan plays a terrible adventurer. I’m talking 1956, Black & White, 3.2 hour long, Around the World in 80 Days.

It was the place where I first discovered my sense of adventure. I loved it! It was a film full of impossible things and more  “worlds” than I could ever hope to see in a life time. It was a film that you walked in and out of a billion times because parts of it were so boring, you couldn’t stand to sit in front of the TV a moment longer, but fast forwarding on a VCR was too much of a pain. It was a film that made you want to storm into places declaring that you were capable of conquering the universe.

Daily,I look for the inspiration that I fond in that film. I surround myself with things that evoke such confidence and go-get-it attitudes. Check out for some of those feel good, conquer the world items! These are two of my favorites!

il_570xN.442224888_dhsc il_570xN.442236583_zaye


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