DC For A Day


I am a huge believer in escaping. Maybe that is a flaw, but I happen to see it as a gift. I think that getting outside of your comfort zone, outside of your little world offers a great deal of perspective where there otherwise was none. It offers a new way to look at your life, at your day, at your reality.

Today, I adventured into the beautiful world of Washington DC. Oh, how I love that town! It’s magnificent beauty and ancient grandeur captures my attention and my heart every time that I pass over that Potomac River into the District. My mom, my brother, and I took the day off, with complete disregard for school, work, papers, and a plethora of other responsibilities. We packed a lunch complete with homemade lemonade in a mason jar in the 60 year old picnic basket that was a wedding present to my grandparents. I threw the handmade, patchwork quilt into the trunk, and off we sped into the 90 degree Virginia day. I could not have asked for a more beautiful or delightful day! The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, (which will probably only last a day or more) and the hustle and bustle of DC was just what I needed to revive my spirits and give me a push into the rest of my week.

If YOU need an excuse to get out and adventure, let me know! I’ll find you one! If you need supplies for that fantastic adventure, and it will be fantastic, check out www.vintagepod.com and take a gander. I’ve got plenty of supplies for your next summer weather fling!


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