Gorgeous summer-like days such as today simply warrant the need to throw on a swim suit, brew some strong, sweet tea, and sprawl out in the sun with a fantastic book. Today, I swear, no matter what I tried to accomplish, no matter how hard I tried, those dang books just kept calling my name. Like the Sirens from Homer’s The Oddesey, I was lured away from the important things in my day to dive into the pages of great literature. I couldn’t help it! I love books! I always have! As a child, my parents would punish me by grounding me from my books. I would sneak them under the covers with a flashlight, I would keep them hidden in trees. I would wander down to the creek so as not to be disturbed. As I grew older, my desire to read books only grew stronger. I wanted to read everything. Every bit of knowledge and understanding that I could gain about the worlds I was never part of, I wanted it. To this day, All I want is to read. Often my passion for literature is left abandon so that I can “accomplish” my goals, however, I am as in love as ever with the literary worlds that I have stacked up on my nightstand.

Check out Vintage Pod  to see what lovely pieces of literature I’ve curated for you! You just might find something that suits your fancy…


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