Feature Friday – Rachel & Hannah of ArchaicFinery

Just a couple of friends that love to scout for vintage treasures and give them another chance at life!


 Hannah M. – Treasure Hunter & Photographer 

Artist extraordinaire, Hannah has her hands in every medium known to man! From Ink to decoupage to crochet to pencil to music , Hannah has got it going on in the art world. Spunky and hysterical, Hannah lives outside the box, constantly creating and expanding her artistic view. Seeker of adventure. Lover of travel. All things Dolly Parton. Mission Minded.


Rachel H. – Treasure Hunter

This Nautical beauty is an adventure waiting to happen. Rachel is wholly passionate about living life to the fullest. She finds beauty in the forgotten and isn’t afraid to cling to the hope of new life in pieces that have been dead for centuries. She has a sharp eye  and a brain full of more creativity than most people dream up in a lifetime. Sailor to be. Songbird. Dancer. Creative genius. Fashion fanatic. Giver of hope. Woman on a mission.

  • What made you decide to open ArchaicFineryWe decided to open the store for our love of vintage treasures. We love fashion. We also thought is would be a creative way to raise money for missions.

  • How long has your store been open? Our store has been open since December
  •  How did you come up with the name for your store? We came up with our name because Ray was getting crafty. Ha! We didn’t want anything boring, so she just came up with it. It just came to her. 
  •  What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far? our biggest accomplishment so far has been selling our first item, hahaha!
    What was your first thought/reaction when you sold your first item? Well we had a dance party, celebration, jumping, screaming, hahaha you get the idea? We felt accomplished haha
  • Where do you find your inspiration to run your own business? we found our inspiration because we both love thrifting and just wanted to try something new
  • What is your favorite Era? Hannah- my favorite era of vintage is the 50’s and 80’s.  Rachel – My favorite is the 50’s, 60’s and 80’s.
  • What’s one thing you have learned in opening and running your store? we have learned that it’s important to add new products weekly and to keep thing exciting and creative.
  • How do you set weekly goals for your business that translate into long-term goals? we just start so we are working on what kinds of goals I set for our new shop, but we are working on putting up new items each week



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