First Flight – Call Me “Amelia”

Oh, I have got “the bug”! (That’s what all the guys at the airport kept calling it!) I’ve been caught in the beautiful, marvelous trap of aviation! During my first flight yesterday, I found a whole new level of peace and joy in living life! I’m so thankful that my job allows me to take such random and glorious breaks from work in order to accomplish the things that my heart desires.

Skyline Aviation Services based out of Orange, Virginia was amazing! The owner/instructor Candace was incredible! She is a laid back, take it as it comes kind of person, someone that I thoroughly enjoyed spending and hour and a half with. She has an incredible history of over 15 years in the air, and I felt more comfortable up in the air than I normally do in a car!

The first thing that Candace said to me when we got in the plane was “well, this is your plane, I’m just along for the ride.” I must have looked at her with 35 shades of Moron in my eyes. Flying that plane was the most freeing thing I’ve done in a long time! It was a phenomenal experience! I flew a beautiful little Yellow & Blue Cessna 150 for a little over an hour. I got to taxi the field, help take off, fly pretty much the entire time we were in the air, and help Candace land. Our landing was perfect despite the crazy Virginia wind, and oh…flying was such a pleasure! Despite the noise of the engine, it was perfectly quiet, and utterly peaceful up in the sky. How a man figured out how to get such a large piece of machinery up in the sky, I will never understand! But I loved it!

As of right now, I officially have 1.1 hours towards my pilots license, which means that I only need 38.9 (according to FAA regulations) to become a pilot! AHHHH!!! Here I come flight school, Here I come little birdies in the sky! Here I come world! Get out of my way, because I’m ready to conquer the world!


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