Fearlessly Forever.


Today, I am happy to announce the launch of  handmade quilt line that I have been working on diligently since November. It is not as grand as I had hoped it to be, but the task was also not quite as simple as I anticipated it. But alas, the day has come when my hard work is to be displayed to the world.

My vision behind Fearlessly Forever is simple. It means comfort, it means beauty, it means simplicity. It is about trusting that the world will be right again, trusting that the simple comfort of a quilt will take you to the things you love about home. Fearlessly Forever means that you are willing to fight for the things you love. That no matter what, that you will fight in the midst of change and heartbreak. It means that you find comfort in the small, familiar things; in the everyday things. It’s about comfort, safety, warmth, tranquility, & peace. It’s classic, it’s timeless, it never gets old.

Fearlessly Forever will be comprised of all of my handmade lovelies. The things that make up life. The comfortable things, the the beautiful things. Travel size quilts will be my signature pieces, but there will be many other items to follow! Keep an eye out, and check out the Fearlessly Forever tab on www.vintagepod.com 

Fearlessly Forever is dedicated to my best friend, Sarahann. She has helped me dream up this brand, she is the one who inspired Fearlessly Forever! This one is for you pretty girl! Can’t wait to see where our adventures take us next!


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