Feature Friday – Rachel of Vintage Pod

In hopping on the blogging wagon full force, Friday’s will now hold a little treasure for you! Feature Friday will be a treat for everyone! Each week I will feature some of my favorite Etsy stores and their owners. Photos, bios, Q&As, coupons, and so much more will be included in each post! Check it out! This week you get to know me, Rachel!


Rachel Chambers
Owner, Designer, Curator
As a lover of all things vintage, I have decided to make this shop my life. I outgrew my bedroom and decided to start selling some of my beloved vintage collection. Vintage Pod is a curation of all my favorite things. The things that make up life. The comfortable things, the familiar things..
I am an old fashioned, country girl from Virginia who has a hearty appetite for adventure and the the simple things in life!
What made you decide to open Vintage Pod?
Necessity! I had no room and was beginning a new season of life as a missionary. It was an excellent opportunity to off set the process of support raising for a full time life in Missions.
How long has your store been open?
Two and a half years.
What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?
So far, making my 200th sale just a few months after hitting my 100th sale. I then did the same thing with my 300th sale. It was an incredible feeling to have my store taking off in a way I never imagined. It happened overnight!
Where do you find your inspiration to run your own business?
My inspiration is multi-fold. I love old things. I”m an old soul. Honestly and truly. I prefer to hand kneed my bread, I prefer gardens to store bought, If I can make it, I don’t buy it. Simplicity and beauty are my ultimate goals.  I have no desire to ever work a 9-5 again so the success of my business is not an option. Hand in hand, my ultimate desire in life is to see the world. Running my own business enables me to leave for periods of time without a lot of lag in my sales. I manage my own schedule and I can literally do it from anywhere in the world! That is inspiration enough!
What is your favorite Era?
This is a loaded question.I love different things from different times. The Civil War time period is absolutely one of my favorites! I”ve probably seen Gone with the Wind a few times too many (Though, is that really possible?). I also love the 40’s & 50’s. Mostly for their iconic fashion and the movement of women into other roles of society!
How do you set weekly goals for your business that translate into long-term goals?
I have a schedule that I try to stick to every week, Shopping for items, photographing, and listing them. They each have their own day and I work very methodically. In turn, I have monthly goals that can only be achieved through reaching my weekly goals; sales, revenue, inventory.
What’s one thing you have learned in opening and running your store?
It’s all about consistency and perseverance. If you don’t love it, then don’t waste your time. Because when you have a down month, sitting in a room with a million pretty things and no sales, the only thing that will keep you going is your love of the hunt, the love of re-purposing. Be intentional. Be honest. Have integrity. People love a kind word!
To get 20% off your next order on Vintage Pod use the coupon code VINTAGEGRATITUDE at checkout. 

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